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Getting a medical degree needs finances to be planned much in advance due to the high cost of education. A private medical universities and colleges in India raise their tuition fees for MBBS admissions almost every year.

HDFC Credila understands that such a high cost of education can be restrictive for the deserving brilliant minds to pursue this course. Hence, HDFC Credila offers:

The facility to take an education loan covering the complete tuition fee (HDFC Credila does not have an upper cap on the education loan amount) and also covers the living costs.

Covers the long duration 6 year long medical (MBBS) courses too. No margin money : Offers loan up to 100% of the collateral value. Offers flexible co-borrower norms too. Flexibility to choose a longer payback tenure also reduces the burden. Provided attractive Tax benefits on interest paid under SEC 80-E of Income tax Act 1961.

Hence, funding your dream to fulfil your dreams to get a medical degree is not possible with our flexible, convenient and quick processes.